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53 Just Thinking...
Rated: | 101 comments

A cute way to let someone know that you are thinking of them!

17 Something You Deserve And A Little More
Rated: | 30 comments

Sending you a little something for being such a great friend!

28 Are you Smiling?!
Rated: | 56 comments

The goal of this video is to get you to smile! Let's see if we can do it...

22 The Friday Rose Poem
Rated: | 45 comments

Thank God it's Friday! Send someone a Friday rose to celebrate!

79 Basket Full of Fuzzies
Rated: | 168 comments

This basket full of fuzzies is a little gift from me to you because my heart is forever true. It’s full of love and comfort, too. With smiles galore and hugs just for you. So with warm wishes and lots of kisses, here are those fuzzies: A basket full of cuddly puppies from me to you.

166 An Angel Like You
Rated: | 152 comments

With an Anne Geddes baby picture, this greeting lets the reader know, "An angel like you is a rare blessing indeed." Share this message when someone needs a hug, a giggle, a smile, or just to say I love you.

19 Because You're You
Rated: | 21 comments

"You brighten my day because you're...more beautiful than a field of daisies, sweeter than the smell of lilacs, more brilliant than any sunflower, warmer than the glowing sun…You're wonderful just because you're you!"

66 Hugs, Smiles and Kisses
Rated: | 70 comments

Sending you hugs, smiles and kisses to brighten your day!

44 Miss You So Much!
Rated: | 71 comments

I miss you so much. It's so hard to bear. So I'm sending you this teddy to show I care. I wish you were here or I wish I was there--because we should be together, as I'm sure you're aware. So I'm sending this reminder (and a cute little panda bear) just so you know that I'll always be there!

9 What's Friday Without Friends???
Rated: | 14 comments

Celebrate the end of the week with all your friends!

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