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12 Tom Cruise Kills Oprah
Rated: | 35 comments

This clip from when Tom Cruise was on Oprah's talk show has not been released to the public until now. You will be shocked by what you see!

83 The amazing Dr. Phil personality test!
Rated: | 402 comments

One of the coolest personality tests on the internet!

1 Oprah in a Centerfold?!
Rated: | 78 comments

Mrs. Winfrey is a centerfold in the pages of "O" magazine?!

5 Oprah and Gayle: More Than Friends?
Rated: | 15 comments

Are Oprah and Gayle Gay?

13 Oprah Saves Brad and Jen!
Rated: | 17 comments

Oprah Saves Brad and Jen!