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183 But the FAT came BACK!
Rated: | 262 comments

“When we get older, we start getting heavy,” this fat cat with the banjo sings. “One day we find we weigh as much as your average Chevy.” This chubby kitty says that no matter how much you diet and exercise, the fat comes back the very next day.

124 Call It Kitty Love
Rated: | 227 comments

“And they call it kitty love, I just want you to know. How good a hug really feels and why I love you so.” So sings the cutest baby to ever wear a pink leopard cat suit. His cuteness is rivaled only by the slideshow of kittens. Every cat lover will go “ahhhh” to this clip.

22 Laser Kitty Freakout
Rated: | 17 comments

Watch as this cat goes bonkers over a laser pointer.

30 Kitty Falls Asleep Standing
Rated: | 41 comments

An adorable video of a kitten falling asleep while standing up.

617 Heeey Maaaa!
Rated: | 902 comments

Hey Ma! Your kid is trying on your clothes, and drawing on the wall like Michelangelo. He even put kitty in the toilet and turned him blue! Sung to Outkast's "Hey Ya" this song shows how one baby can cause a lot of trouble once he starts walking.

34 So Sad Without You
Rated: | 43 comments

Let this little blue-eyed kitty cat tell your loved one, "I'm so sad without you, I really hope I'll see you soon!" If you're missing someone, use this message to let them know they make your days bright and put joy in your heart.

100 Pwease Won't you HUG Me?!
Rated: | 155 comments

"Hug me, hug me, please won't you hug me?" These adorable little kitties just wanna be hugged, but do it gently, or they'll cry. Sung to the tune of "Lovefool" by the Cardigans, these precious kittens only need "just one hug from you." Pretty pwease?

200 I Love The Cat Life!
Rated: | 306 comments

A kitty sings a song about why it's so great to be a cat!

38 Shaft Cat!
Rated: | 52 comments

Can you dig it? The new Shaft is in town... Shaft Cat!

185 Redneck Kittens!
Rated: | 256 comments

Kittens, free to a good home! Living in a box, these Kentucky kittens are awfully lonely and they want to come home with you. "Aren't we just the cutest things that you ever saw? We'll rub up against your leg, and we'll never claw!" These cute cats will love you till the end. Don't let these kitten's die in a shelter, adopt one today.