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204 Boozin' Kitty Cats!
Rated: | 246 comments

These rock and roll boozin’ kitty cats drink more than Slash and rocker Tommy Lee combined. Just read these lyrics: “I love the flavor of tequila. ‘Cause she looks better after every shot--so hot!" You’ve never seen a cat shred on a guitar or bash the drums better then this band of hard rocking felines.

72 Cats vs Dogs!!
Rated: | 176 comments

Which is better? Cats or dogs?!

22 Kitties partying hard! LOL!
Rated: | 20 comments

We’re spreading smiles every minute with FlowGo’s cute cartoons and funny videos. Adorable babies, silly songs, virtual flowers, jokes, inspirational quotes and much more from your friends at FlowGo, the happy site!

13 I've Got Cattitude
Rated: | 24 comments

This kitty diva has some major cattitude!

90 Hilarious Tapdancing Kittens!
Rated: | 153 comments

The Kitty Cat Theater Presends: The Tapdancing Cats! These cute kitty cats will amaze you with their dancing skills. We know it's silly, but it will make you smile :)

124 Call It Kitty Love
Rated: | 227 comments

“And they call it kitty love, I just want you to know. How good a hug really feels and why I love you so.” So sings the cutest baby to ever wear a pink leopard cat suit. His cuteness is rivaled only by the slideshow of kittens. Every cat lover will go “ahhhh” to this clip.

98 Clash Kittens Rock Da Catbox!
Rated: | 155 comments

In the kitty cat version of "Rock The Casbah" these cute kitties rock out! But no one wants to clean their catbox.

5 Fuzzy Grins 4U!
Rated: | 4 comments

Fuzzy grins on furry chins to brighten your day!

100 Pwease Won't you HUG Me?!
Rated: | 155 comments

"Hug me, hug me, please won't you hug me?" These adorable little kitties just wanna be hugged, but do it gently, or they'll cry. Sung to the tune of "Lovefool" by the Cardigans, these precious kittens only need "just one hug from you." Pretty pwease?

29 Crazy Cats
Rated: | 51 comments

Usually our cat videos feature cute and cuddly kittens. This video features some really crazy cats that you might think twice about cuddling with!

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