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85 You're Heaven to BUG!
Rated: | 201 comments

You're just too good to be true. Can't take my eyes off of you. You'd be like heaven to bug. I want to give you a huuuug!

18 Boogie Bug!
Rated: | 22 comments

The new dance sensation that is sweeping the nation!

46 Just wanted to BUG ya!
Rated: | 50 comments

Bug your friends with this cute little greeting!

44 Bug In An Elevator!!
Rated: | 66 comments

Aerosmith -- bug style! It's a bug in an elevator! Buggin' ya up while we're going down!

206 The Ants in your Pants Dance!
Rated: | 331 comments

BUG your friends with the ants in your pants dance!

10 Yankee Doodle Bug
Rated: | 12 comments

The yankee doodle bug wishes you a Happy 4th of July!

12 Carpet Munchin'!!!?
Rated: | 16 comments

Do the carpet munchin' dance!

17 I'll BUG You! (yeah yeah yeah!)
Rated: | 25 comments

A hilarious Beatles parody that will make you BUG OUT!

26 Baby Bug! - I Wanna be Bugged by You!
Rated: | 11 comments

I don't wanna be bugged by anyone else but you!

  Bugatti Veyron Out Of Gas
Rated: | 0 comments

It's a funny sight to see people pushing one of the most expensive production cars down the street.

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