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50 Dog and Owner on Treadmill
Rated: | 145 comments

Scottish Terrier runs along with his master and keeps up.

42 Silly Penguin Dance
Rated: | 131 comments

This penguin loves to boogie, and does a hilarious dance for the camera.

57 Crazy Cat
Rated: | 127 comments

Something spooks this little furball and he goes flying into a wall.

118 Farting In Bed
Rated: | 244 comments

This guys got mad gas and farting skills!

51 Hungry Kitty Won't Let Go
Rated: | 107 comments

This cute kitten has a death grip on his toy and refuses to let go.

50 Amazing Hand Shadows
Rated: | 62 comments

Some absolutely amazing hand shadows. It's hard to believe that these shadows are created only by people's arms and hands.

53 Amazing Bird Follows Dog Commands
Rated: | 98 comments

Watch as this bird does some really amazing tricks! From rolling over, doing a flip, all the way to playing golf and basketball. This little guy will blow you away!

32 Comatose Cat
Rated: | 87 comments

A cute video that will make you giggle. This silly cat looks like it's in a coma!

32 Infared Fart
Rated: | 84 comments

Ever wonder what a fart might look like? Take a look at this guys major gas explosion through an infared camera.

12 Tom Cruise Kills Oprah
Rated: | 35 comments

This clip from when Tom Cruise was on Oprah's talk show has not been released to the public until now. You will be shocked by what you see!

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