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1918 I'm Too Sexy For My Granny
Rated: | 2253 comments

Groovin' Granny is too sexy! Too sexy for her cane, too sexy for her walker, and way too sexy for underwear, so she rips off her red bra and swings those long, saggy boobs of hers. Sung to Right Said Fred’s "I'm Too Sexy," grandma lets us know that she can shake her floppin' booty and flabby tits with the best of them.

507 Streaking Granny!
Rated: | 835 comments

It's the little Groovin' Granny, she loves to streak yeah! Sung to the tune of Jan and Dean's "Little Old Lady From Pasadena," streaking granny is running nude through a yard near you. As she flaps her naked heinie, the neighbors sing "Go Granny, Go Granny, Go Granny, Go!"

125 Senior Moments - LOL!
Rated: | 281 comments

We’re spreading smiles every minute with FlowGo’s cute cartoons and funny videos. Adorable babies, silly songs, virtual flowers, jokes, inspirational quotes and much more from your friends at FlowGo, the happy site!

877 The Granny Gazonga Song!!
Rated: | 1440 comments

Groovin' Granny is obsessed with singing about gazongas! We see boobs of every shape and size on some surprising people, such as Brad Pitt, Michael Jackson, President Bush, Tom Cruise and the men of King of the Hill. The Knack's "My Sharona" becomes "Big Gazongas" as Granny explores the many nicknames our culture gives to breasts, tits, boobies, melons, or whatever you want to call them.

25 Insane Granny Ketchup Dance
Rated: | 60 comments

Granny is back and gets her groove on to the Insane Ketchup Dance!

675 Don't  Cha Twerkin' Granny!
Rated: | 953 comments

Groovin' Granny returns with another version of "Don't Cha" by the Pussycat Dolls. This time grandma has two friends backing her up. Granny sings, "Don't you wish your granny was sweet like me? Don't you wish your granny had no teeth like me?" Once again she's swinging her tits around, but this time granny found her a grandpa homeboy.

294 The Geezer Pleaser
Rated: | 384 comments

Come on, Viagra! Won't stop 'till I get it up! Granny is in for the night of her life thanks to that little blue pill!

158 A Little Hump Day Fun
Rated: | 406 comments

We're half way through the week, and granny wants you to have a little fun!

378 Social Security: The Musical!!!
Rated: | 345 comments

“Social Security: The Musical” throws just about every pop culture reference into this clip about the impending doom of the Social Security deficit. They want to privatize the social security pot and that means old people like Groovin’ Granny will have to work until they die. Celebs like Jay Leno, the American Idol judges, Snoop Dogg, Donald Trump, the Clintons, and the 2008 presidential hopefuls weigh in on the problem.

22 Pistol Packing Grandma
Rated: | 21 comments

A funny (and true!) story about an elderly woman pulling a gun on a group of would-be car thieves.

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