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Member since: 7/20/2007
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About me:

I'm 25, married, blonde (but don't feel sorry for me, I'm smart enough...sometimes).I have a bad imagination sometimes, like now, cause I don't know what to write. Please make it easy for me, and ask!

Something that makes me laugh:

The Simpsons, my cats, funny jokes.

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April 05, 2012

benjamincarolin@yahoo.com Peace be onto you, how are you today. I do hope that you are fine. Kiss, Miss Carolin. Email;benjamincarolin@yahoo.com

February 06, 2009


March 22, 2008

I saw tow religious cards that you commented... just sad. It really does hurt to find someone who thinks God hates them... but he loves everyone. Just spend some more time bonding with him.

February 29, 2008

hello there wow you got 16 at the bible quiz

February 18, 2008


February 10, 2008

me too want to be my friend

January 07, 2008

add me

December 13, 2007

that is exactly wat happened to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u know on the optical illusion thing with jesus.....


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