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Location: Pennsylvania
Member since: 11/16/2007
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About me:

my name is jessica i am 17 years old.Yes that is me in the pic the one with the hat.I love having friends and someone to talk to while i have nothing to do in class. I am from Littlestown,Pa and all it is in this town is DRAMA.so if you want to u can try and live in pa but i wouldn't if i were you because all of these people will try to beat you up. I AM TAKEN.I love listining to rap music and i love the soluja boy song i can even do the dance.i also like time is running out by Papa Roach STATUS -ONLINE Made a new profile phillyfan210 add me

Something that makes me laugh:

something that makes me laugh is when my friends try to cheer me up. The bill Engval show and everybody loves raymond makes me laugh and South Park and watching larry the cable guy on comedy central

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December 08, 2008


September 20, 2008

hola im allie

July 25, 2008

hey whats up

May 10, 2008


March 05, 2008

plzz do not leave but i just want u to talk to me more often plzzz dont leave

March 01, 2008

@---/---/---/---/- send this friendship rose to everyone who are your friends!

February 29, 2008

sam u are really ugly

February 29, 2008

dont leave i luv you as a freind only though lol DONT LEAVE ME I AM 1 GOOD REASON NOT TO LEAVE LOL

February 29, 2008

ok i wont leave but i need more people 2 tell me not 2 leave


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