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Location: The heights,Michigan
Member since: 4/5/2008
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About me:

Yo i ish Lea ;D lol in my pic is me well ttyl <3

Something that makes me laugh:

myspace.com/leabiaaa hit me up^^

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February 22, 2009

fake, u just used the screen on the internet and looked up a foto of lea and then just stuck a sticker on ur screen and rote . .FAKE!

May 04, 2008


April 19, 2008

Thanks soo r yu

April 12, 2008

cools!thay told me!i wish i could!my baseball team wont let me!

April 12, 2008

ya its me!im still kepping ur scret just to let u kno!

April 05, 2008

leaa biaaaa ily girl


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