FlowGo Help
We here, at FlowGo.com, are here to assist you in anyway we can with our system. We have a dedicated and diligent customer support staff to meet your needs. Please read below for answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

Is there a fee for using the referral program or flowgo system?
The forwarding of any pages or emails from this site is FREE. Enjoy!

If my email address has changed, what do I do so I still receive your newsletters?
Please email abuse@flowgo.com with both addresses, and have the subject line read "change of email address".

Why use the referral system instead of my own email?
The mail referral system removes the extra steps of copying the information to your computer and then having your ISP do the mailing. Since the service of mail referral is free we are saving you time and getting the page you wanted to send to your friends faster.

Why do I get a "server busy error" message?
This is probably during the peak usage time. It is only temporary. Please try again later.

Why is my message undeliverable?
There are two possible answers to this question. The most common cause of this error is a mistyped email address or an email address with illegal characters in it (+, -, ", etc.). If the address is correct it may be that the host of your friend's email address isn't accepting mail from us. Please contact them.

How do I clear names from the send to: field, on the refer it program?
Above the send to field, click the link labeled "click here to clear emails".

Why do I need to enter my email address and/or name when I'm sending pages to my friends?
This is only so that your friends will know who sent them the page and know who to respond to.

Why is my ip address sent with my referral?
This is also so that your friends will further be able to identify you.

Do you sell my email address to third party companies?
No. Email addresses are stored in cookies only for your convenience. See privacy policy for details.

How Long Will it Take for my Referral to be sent?
Most referral mails are sent within 5-10 minutes.

I keep getting a "page could not be displayed" error, what should I do?
Please email media@flowgo.com the page URL. You will not receive a response, but we will look into the problem.

Why is there no sound on a certain fun page; what is wrong?
--Make sure you have the newest version of your web browser.
--Make sure your web browser is configured to play .midi files.
--If problem still continues, please email media@flowgo.com the page URL. You will not receive a response, but we will look into the problem.

Why am I not receiving my referrals that my friends sent me?
Your Internet service provider may not be accepting mail from us. Please contact them. Or, you may have placed yourself on our non-recipient list for no future emails. Please email abuse@flowgo.com.

How do I Unsubscribe from a newsletter?
Simply follow the link at the bottom of the newsletter we sent you, and enter your email address in the field specified. You should receive a confirmation email of the unsubscription. If the link is not working, email abuse@flowgo.com with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line.

Why do I receive duplicate copies of my newsletter sometimes?
First, verify that you do not have two email addresses signed up. If you are subscribed with two addresses, simply unsubscribe one of them. Periodically, our sites send out duplicate copies. This is only temporary and should be remedied by the next mailing.

Any other questions, not answered above, please email abuse@flowgo.com.

Can you resend a certain refer, or what do I do if I can't locate a certain page on your site?
Please visit our main funsite search engine, located on our homepage at www.flowgo.com. Please put in name of page or key words and click on search. Thank you for enjoying our pages!