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What Is a True Friend

What is a True Friend?

A true friend is someone special
Not many people possess
A true friend is warm and tender
And comforting in their caress.

A true friend is always by your side
If only in your thoughts
A true friend is there for you willingly
And come free, they're never bought.

A true friend is someone who listens
And hears what you have to say
A true friend is never judgemental
And stays with you come what may.

A true friend will love you always
In them you can confide
A true friend will greet you lovingly
With opens arms so wide.

A true friend your cherish dearly
Feeling grateful for their love
A true friend is very special
A blessing from above.

A true friend will feel your presence
Whether near or far
A true friend I hear you question
Who is my freind?
You are!

submitted by: Dawn Connell, Scotland
Thank You!

Description: Here are some of the things that it takes to make a true friend.
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March 01, 2009

that's so true

February 08, 2009

Cool . . .


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