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50 Ways To Kill Your Husband

Description: There must be 50 ways to kill your husband, and here they are!
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January 19, 2014

as I said before, marry him, take out a life insurance policy, take him to the grand canyon for your honeymoon, accidentally knock him off a cliff, collect the life insurance policy and LIFE HAPPILY EVER AFTER! killer kate

January 12, 2011

i know a way.when your husband gives you flowers get a knife and when he shows the flowers show him the knife and stab him.easy pesy lemon skwesy.XB

December 25, 2009

that was only seven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 25, 2009

hmm this reminds me of a show called "deadly women" haha they should put this in the begining

June 18, 2009


March 04, 2009


January 07, 2009

THIS ACCUALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1.)say the name of the boy/girl u like 2 times 2.)now say the name of your bestfriend 5 times to urself 3.)now post this onto 5 videos and then press f8 and then ur crushes name will appear onthe screen!!!!!!!!!

November 22, 2008

ok dumb but i liked the music


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