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Funny & Amazing Videos

If you're looking for funny or amazing videos, then FlowGo's got you covered! Featuring videos of people and animals doing wild and funny stuff, there's something for everyone.
10 Baboon Fury
Rated: G | 12 comments

This big butted baboon shakes his stuff for the camera.

24 Chalk Board Animation
Rated: G | 47 comments

A cool animation done with only a chalkboard.

3 Gymnist Misses Beam
Rated: G | 6 comments

A gymnast attempts a flip on the balance beam but misses and takes a bad landing on the mat.

6 Cable Spool Disaster
Rated: G | 9 comments

Two men attempt to roll a giant spool of cable down some stairs but it gets away from them and crashes through a glass door and into a parked car outside.

7 Crazy Legs
Rated: G | 9 comments

Check out the crazy rubber legs on this guy! Watch as he is able to twist himself into amazing pretzel-like shapes.

1 Ghostriding The Delorean
Rated: G | 4 comments

A video of people jumping out of a Delorean while its moving and then doing a funny dance.

3 Double Hurdle Fall
Rated: G | 2 comments

Video of a runner attempting to jump over a hurdle but not quite making it. The runner behind him does the exact same thing and goes for a fall as well.

21 Shamu Owns Trainer
Rated: G | 10 comments

A hilarious blooper from a show at Sea World. Watch as a huge killer whale accidentally knocks his trainer off the stage with its tail.

2 Slam Dunk Head Removal
Rated: G | 2 comments

A slam dunk gone wrong. This guy brings the whole net down with him and it almost lands right on his head.

3 Bowling Tricks
Rated: G | 4 comments

Video of some really neat bowling tricks.

11 Cat vs. Dog
Rated: G | 10 comments

It doesn't look like these two animals like each other very much. Watch as they get into a little fight over who gets to eat the food.

26 Grannies Do The Soulja Boy
Rated: G | 48 comments

A half time show featuring Grandmothers doing the Soulja Boy dance.

  Anchorman Loves Canada
Rated: G | 6 comments

A sports anchorman is caught on camera talking about how he loves going to Canada to pick up a pain medication that you need a prescription for in the US.

5 Windows 98 Jam
Rated: G | 3 comments

The only sounds used in this music are Windows XP and Windows 98 sounds. Pretty neat stuff!

  Backwards Feet Walk
Rated: G | 3 comments

This guy is able to walk with his feet turned 180 degrees. Pretty freaky stuff!

1 Nutcracker Souljas
Rated: G | 3 comments

A funny dance performed by a group of boys dressed up as Nutcrackers.

4 Crazy Choreographed Fight
Rated: G | 3 comments

Two martial artists put on a great show as they pull of some amazing moves in a choreographed fight.

49 System of a Down Baby
Rated: G | 61 comments

This cute little tyke and his guitar put on an adorable performance of a song by the rock band System of a Down.

11 Gas Pump Disaster
Rated: G | 12 comments

Security camera footage of an elderly lady who forgets to take the gas pump out of her tank and drives away. She doesn't get too far as she takes the whole pump with her.

10 Bad Burnout
Rated: G | 35 comments

A kid attempts a burnout on his Dads racing bike, but gets a little more than he bargained for as the bike takes off and crashes into a parked car.