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If you're looking for funny or amazing videos, then FlowGo's got you covered! Featuring videos of people and animals doing wild and funny stuff, there's something for everyone.
1 Idiots Guide to Removing a Basketball Pole
Rated: G | 11 comments

These guys attempt to take a basketball hoop out of the ground by pulling it with their car. They manage to get it free, but the top of the pole goes right through the back window.

3 Ski Crash Compilation
Rated: G | 4 comments

A collection of some crazy ski and snowboarding crashes.

8 Car Scare
Rated: G | 7 comments

Video of a person getting scared senseless by a honk from a car.

1 Techno Didgeridoo
Rated: G | 4 comments

Video of a street performer playing some techno like music on a didgeridoo.

5 Optimus Prime Dancing
Rated: G | 5 comments

A cool stop motion video of a Transformers action figure performing the history of dance.

13 Elephant Soccer
Rated: G | 10 comments

Elephants playing soccer?! The title of this video says it all!

6 Little Kid Dance Moves
Rated: G | 8 comments

This little kid has got some talent. Check out the dance moves by this youngster!

3 Road Trip Prank
Rated: G | 7 comments

A hilarious prank played by a group of guys on their friend while driving in a van on a road trip. This guy's reaction is priceless as he thinks the van is about to crash.

22 Laser Kitty Freakout
Rated: G | 17 comments

Watch as this cat goes bonkers over a laser pointer.

30 Kitty Falls Asleep Standing
Rated: G | 41 comments

An adorable video of a kitten falling asleep while standing up.

57 Dancing Granny
Rated: G | 140 comments

A hilarious clip of an elderly lady gettin' down and showing us some killer dance moves.

8 Baby Giggle Surprise
Rated: G | 12 comments

This cute little tyke is having a good time laughing when all of a sudden a little surprise pops out of his mouth!

9 Garage Door Moron
Rated: G | 11 comments

A roller blader attempts to pull himself off his garage door to gather some speed but the garage door gets the best of him.

5 Hilarious Office Prank
Rated: G | 26 comments

A group of students fill another students office with balloons. The reaction from the guy who gets pranked is priceless!

4 Reporters Argue On The Air
Rated: G | 8 comments

You've gotta love live TV! Watch as these two news reporters get into an argument on the air.

  Unforgettable Entrance
Rated: G | 2 comments

A contestant on some TV show runs onto the stage and smokes his head on a camera.

  Motorcycle Crash
Rated: G | 9 comments

This motorcycle racer gets a little too low to the ground on his turn and wipes out.

2 Rubber Rastafarian
Rated: G | 3 comments

Video of a street performer that can contort and twist his body in unimaginable ways.

1 FOX Reporter Gets a Surprise
Rated: G | 4 comments

A FOX News reporter gets a surprise as a passerby interrupts his report with a message of her own.

11 Break Dancing Kid
Rated: G | 13 comments

Check out the amazing break dancing moves from this little kid!