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If you're looking for funny or amazing videos, then FlowGo's got you covered! Featuring videos of people and animals doing wild and funny stuff, there's something for everyone.
3 Bird Bites Kid
Rated: G | 7 comments

Here's a good example of why not to bother wild birds. Watch as this kid gets bit right on the nose by a bird.

17 Toothbrush Kitty
Rated: G | 20 comments

Video of a cat that loves getting it's teeth brushed!

  Fence Fall
Rated: G | 0 comments

A silly video remix of a boy crashing into a fence on his bike.

41 Baby Votes Obama
Rated: G | 100 comments

Funny video of a little toddler that really loves Obama!

2 Rally Racer Hits House
Rated: G | 1 comments

Video of a rally racer losing control and crashing into somebody's house.

20 Young Hey Jude
Rated: G | 13 comments

An absolutely adorable video of a toddler singing The Beatles "Hey Jude".

11 Star Wars Explained by a 3 Year Old
Rated: G | 14 comments

Star Wars has never sounded so cute! Watch and listen to this adorable three year old explain what happens in the famous movie.

  Out Of Control Trailer
Rated: G | 3 comments

It looks like this truck driver is driving a little too fast with this trailer attached. Watch as it goes out of control and starts bouncing from side to side.

1 Fastest Firemen Ever
Rated: G | 5 comments

Check out the speed in which this team of firemen are able to travel down the road and get up their ladder.

4 Trampoline Slam Dunk Team
Rated: G | 2 comments

An acrobatics team pulls off some amazing slam dunks using a trampoline.

30 Kitty Pushes Dog's Buttons
Rated: G | 14 comments

A cute video featuring a kitty cat who tests the patience of his doggy friend.

9 Dog Watches Himself on Video
Rated: G | 3 comments

This pooch doesn't know what to make of this lookalike that he's watching on video.

14 Ferret Steals Mic Cover
Rated: G | 9 comments

Footage from a CNN broadcast of a nosy ferret coming up to the camera and stealing the mic cover.

9 Seal Dog
Rated: G | 3 comments

Check out the amazing balancing act this dog performs. He is able to keep a ball up on his nose just like a trained seal.

21 Baby Ewok
Rated: G | 14 comments

Adorable video of a dog that looks just like one of the Ewoks from Star Wars.

26 Dog Plays Fetch With Robot
Rated: G | 23 comments

Now this is a great way to play fetch with your dog! Watch as this weiner dog repeatedly loads a tennis ball into a robot and the robot tosses the ball back out.

20 An All New Kind of Phone Sex!
Rated: PG | 83 comments

Are you ready to check out the latest in porn? It’s an all new kind of hot phone sex--cell phone sex. This clips shows a little missionary position, oral, the reverse cowgirl, the wheelbarrow--even against the wall like Al Pacino and Ellen Barkin in “Sea of Love.” You remember that steamy sex scene.

8 Wii Remote Slip
Rated: G | 19 comments

Video of a kid playing Nintendo Wii baseball and losing grip of the controller. Watch as it goes flying and smashes into the TV.

2 Skateboard Ball Catapult
Rated: G | 7 comments

A kid attempts to catapult his basketball off his skateboard and into the net but it doesn't quite go as planned.

4 Tow Truck Oops
Rated: G | 5 comments

Video of a tow truck towing a car and smashing it into the side of a building.