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If you're looking for funny or amazing videos, then FlowGo's got you covered! Featuring videos of people and animals doing wild and funny stuff, there's something for everyone.
10 Runway Walk Goes Wrong
Rated: G | 20 comments

A model steps in the wrong spot while walking down the runway and crashes right through it.

5 Gymnast Splat
Rated: G | 7 comments

A gymnast does a tumbling act but goes a bit too far and crashes into the wall. It's a good thing the wall was padded, otherwise this could have been a bit messy.

3 One Handed Clap
Rated: G | 4 comments

What is the sound of one hand clapping? See for yourself by watching this video!

5 Cool Shopping Tricks
Rated: G | 5 comments

Here is how you can make grocery shopping fun! Watch as people try all kinds of neat grocery shopping tricks.

2 Three Headed Frog
Rated: G | 7 comments

Video of an actual frog that has three heads! This is both cool and gross at the same time.

3 Shark Surfing
Rated: G | 5 comments

A crazy surfer throws out a line with a huge piece of meat attatched to it and gets a giant shark to pull him around on his surfboard.

39 Baby Laughs At Spoon
Rated: G | 96 comments

Giggles can be quite contagious and this video proves it! You'll giggle right along with this adorable toddler as he laughs his head off at a spoon.

3 Breakdancing Kid Takes Mascot to School
Rated: G | 5 comments

A kid in the audience of a Denver Nuggets game gets into a break dancing contest with the mascot and shows him a thing or two.

3 Bad Stunt Off Bridge
Rated: G | 5 comments

A kid attempts to jump off a bridge but hits the railing and does a belly flop into the water.

1 Milk Crate Car Stunt
Rated: G | 3 comments

An amateur stunt man stands on a bunch of milk crates stacked up and has his friend smash into them with his car.

4 Flaming Tandem Bike Partner
Rated: G | 11 comments

A cyclist attaches a dummy to his tandem bicycle and rides around the street with it lit on fire.

17 Hula Hooping Girl
Rated: G | 14 comments

Video of a girl with some crazy hula hooping skills.

4 End Of The World Bush Remix
Rated: G | 12 comments

A silly video remix featuring George Bush singing "It's The End Of The World As We Know It".

2 Stone Skipping Record Breaker
Rated: G | 3 comments

Video of a man breaking the record for skipping a stone across water.

3 Air Force One Blows Over The News
Rated: G | 3 comments

A news team almost gets blown away by the wind from the engines of the President's air plane.

4 Wicked Double Dutch Skills
Rated: G | 5 comments

A group of some amazingly talented jump ropers put on a double dutch show on the street.

2 Girl Knees Herself In The Face
Rated: G | 15 comments

A girl knees herself right in the face as she tries to do a flip onto her bed.

4 Plastic Wrap Prank
Rated: G | 10 comments

A boy pranks his friend by putting plastic wrap across the top of a door. When the friend goes running through the door his head hits the plastic wrap and he goes flying.

24 Hungry Raccoons Want Ice Cream
Rated: G | 21 comments

A group of bold raccoons go right up to a person on the street and beg for some ice cream.

13 Huge Dog Ends Interview
Rated: G | 9 comments

A TV interview is ended abruptly when a huge dog decides that it's time for him and his owner to leave.