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If you're looking for funny or amazing videos, then FlowGo's got you covered! Featuring videos of people and animals doing wild and funny stuff, there's something for everyone.
1 Wedding Dress Fire
Rated: G | 11 comments

This poor bride's wedding day goes up in flames... Literally!

4 Crazy Kid Big Wheel Stunt
Rated: G | 6 comments

Video of a kid who can drive his big wheel like a pro.

7 10,000 Dominoes Per Second
Rated: G | 4 comments

Video of a gigantic domino course where the dominoes toppled at a rate of 10,000 per second!

23 Pushy Hamsters
Rated: G | 39 comments

A group of pushy hamsters fight it out for a turn on the hamster wheel 'o fun.

5 Human Slingshot
Rated: G | 17 comments

Check out this cool video of the human slingshot. The rider straps himself into the bungee device, is pulled back by an ATV and then when let go they go flying through the air.

4 Chair Flip
Rated: G | 7 comments

Now this is how you have a seat in style!

32 Tazer Chair Prank
Rated: G | 57 comments

A co-worker attatches a remote control tazer to another co-workers chair. The results are hilarious.

6 The Wrong Way to Tow a Car
Rated: G | 13 comments

Here's a video to show you how NOT to tow a car. They have wheels for a reason, so use them!

7 Redneck Yard Skiing
Rated: G | 33 comments

Those rednecks can have all kinds of fun with only a pickup truck, a rope, and a yard skiing friend!

6 Parallel Parking For Dummies
Rated: G | 6 comments

Cool video of a car equipped with a device that makes parallel parking a breeze.

13 Obama Parrot
Rated: G | 17 comments

This video of a talking parrot proves that Obama Mania is sweeping the nation.

8 Cell Phone Vs. Microwave
Rated: G | 7 comments

Ever wonder what would happen if you put a cell phone in a microwave? See for yourself by watching this video. Please do not try this at home!

1 RC Plane To Kid's Head
Rated: G | 4 comments

What happens when you attach a camera to your RC plane and fly it at your cousin's head? The internet gets another funny video!

8 Pool Slide Doggy
Rated: G | 6 comments

Video of a dog going up and down a pool slide over and over again.

5 Swift Kids Barack Obama
Rated: G | 50 comments

A funny election video parody featuring kids that want the truth to be told about Barack Obama.

12 Amazing 5 Year Old Gymnast
Rated: G | 13 comments

This little five year old girl has some amazing talent! Watch this home video of her gymnastics routine.

5 Chimney Destruction Oops
Rated: G | 8 comments

Look out below! Here is a video of someone trying to remove a chimney on a factory, but it doesn't fall in the right direction and smashes someones vehicle.

16 The Unibrow Song
Rated: G | 21 comments

there is this problem, and it's kept on the hush-hush. Most everybody's seen it but they just don't discuss.

3 Wall Flip Fall
Rated: G | 1 comments

While attempting to do a wall flip a guy's feet hit the ceiling and he crashes to the ground.

3 Hot Shell Down Girls Shirt
Rated: G | 2 comments

While shooting a gun at a firing range a hot shell casing comes out of the gun and goes right down a girls shirt.