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Funny & Amazing Videos

If you're looking for funny or amazing videos, then FlowGo's got you covered! Featuring videos of people and animals doing wild and funny stuff, there's something for everyone.
9 Dancing Cop Guides Traffic
Rated: G | 10 comments

This cop is having a good ol' time on the job. Watch as he directs traffic with a little bit of style.

5 Baby Soulja Boy
Rated: G | 24 comments

A little baby does the soulja boy dance with a little help from Mommy.

16 100 Voices in 5 Minutes
Rated: G | 13 comments

This guy does 100 TV and movie character voices in just 5 minutes.

6 Freestyle Walking
Rated: G | 1 comments

A demonstration of some crazy freestyle walking tricks.

12 Awful Dancer
Rated: G | 40 comments

An absolutely horrible dancer is caught on camera.

3 Skiing Accident
Rated: G | 4 comments

A man goes off a ski jump awkwardly and gets tossed around in the air like a rag doll. Amazingly he walked away from it without injury.

6 Gymnastic Disaster
Rated: G | 13 comments

The title of this one says it all. This guy takes quite a crash off the high bar.

5 Crazy Basket Boarding Transfer
Rated: G | 3 comments

A guy rides in a laundry basket on top of a skateboard, hits a jump and transfers to another skateboard.

2 Motorcycle Speed Wobble
Rated: G | 4 comments

A motorcycle goes flying by and goes into a speed wobble and loses control.

10 Rock Meets Classical Music
Rated: G | 8 comments

A rock show put on with classical instruments. Very cool stuff.

9 Soulja Boy News
Rated: G | 16 comments

Two news reporters get jiggy with it on the air.

14 The Dumbest Robbers Ever
Rated: G | 17 comments

Security cameras catch pair of thieves attempting to smash the window of a store to break inside. It doesn't quite go as smoothly as they planned.

4 Subway Stripper
Rated: G | 8 comments

This guy puts on quite the show for a group of unsuspecting subway riders.

15 Lynn Spears' Abortion
Rated: PG | 51 comments

It's a good thing Lynn Spears (the mother of Britney) never had an abortion! Otherwise the celebrity news from the past couple of years would have been pretty dull. Here's a silly song about it all!

98 Farting Contest
Rated: G | 158 comments

A silly farting contest between a big dinosaur, a little dinosaur and a pig. Who will win?

29 Crazy Cats
Rated: G | 51 comments

Usually our cat videos feature cute and cuddly kittens. This video features some really crazy cats that you might think twice about cuddling with!

59 Pug vs. Cat
Rated: G | 58 comments

A hilarious video of a pug and a cat engaging in some fierce play fighting.

22 Rat Attacks Cat
Rated: G | 32 comments

Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

12 Cat Scratch Fever
Rated: G | 7 comments

This cat loves his butt scratched. Check out the funny facial expressions it makes when getting rubbed down.

23 Doggy Halloween Costumes
Rated: G | 27 comments

Adorable video of two dogs dressed up for Halloween.