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If you're looking for funny or amazing videos, then FlowGo's got you covered! Featuring videos of people and animals doing wild and funny stuff, there's something for everyone.
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50 Dog and Owner on Treadmill
Rated: G | 145 comments

Scottish Terrier runs along with his master and keeps up.

168 The Very Embarrassing Voicemail
Rated: PG-13 | 304 comments

Everyone’s dealt with the embarrassing voicemail, but when it’s an insulting message and it’s left to your boss on accident, you’re fired. Especially when you call his family ugly and you call in sick when you’re really going to Vegas.

223 One of the Cutest Dogs You'll Ever See!
Rated: G | 301 comments

It’s Stella the Dog and she’s one of the cutest pups you’ll ever see. This black lab can turn, lay down and roll over on command--she knows all the tricks that score those doggy snacks from her master, who loves to give her treat.

138 The Dangers of Photocopying Your Butt!?
Rated: PG | 239 comments

The dangers of photocopying your butt are harsh. This clip taken from an actual video surveillance camera show a fat guy pulling down his pants and underwear to Xerox his ass. Unfortunately, fatty weighs too much and breaks the office copy machine.

42 Silly Penguin Dance
Rated: G | 131 comments

This penguin loves to boogie, and does a hilarious dance for the camera.

57 Crazy Cat
Rated: G | 127 comments

Something spooks this little furball and he goes flying into a wall.

118 Farting In Bed
Rated: G | 244 comments

This guys got mad gas and farting skills!

51 Hungry Kitty Won't Let Go
Rated: G | 107 comments

This cute kitten has a death grip on his toy and refuses to let go.

50 Amazing Hand Shadows
Rated: G | 62 comments

Some absolutely amazing hand shadows. It's hard to believe that these shadows are created only by people's arms and hands.

53 Amazing Bird Follows Dog Commands
Rated: G | 98 comments

Watch as this bird does some really amazing tricks! From rolling over, doing a flip, all the way to playing golf and basketball. This little guy will blow you away!

32 Comatose Cat
Rated: G | 87 comments

A cute video that will make you giggle. This silly cat looks like it's in a coma!

32 Infared Fart
Rated: G | 84 comments

Ever wonder what a fart might look like? Take a look at this guys major gas explosion through an infared camera.

12 Tom Cruise Kills Oprah
Rated: PG | 35 comments

This clip from when Tom Cruise was on Oprah's talk show has not been released to the public until now. You will be shocked by what you see!

4 Creative Loading
Rated: G | 16 comments

Video of a construction working using a real creative way to load his excavator onto a trailer.

1 Tank Vs. Volkswagon
Rated: G | 15 comments

A tank effortlessly crushes a Volkswagon car.

1 Motorcycle Crashes Into Gate
Rated: G | 14 comments

Security camera footage of a guy on his motorcycle crashing into the gate of someones home.

2 RC F115 Buzz Cut
Rated: G | 15 comments

Video of someone almost getting their head taken off by a remote control F115.

4 Egg Smashing Rube Goldberg Device
Rated: G | 16 comments

An amazing video of a home made device thats sole purpose is to smash an egg in a very complex way.

2 ATV Stunt Gone Crazy
Rated: G | 18 comments

Two guys attempt a crazy stunt on their ATV, but it ends with them falling off and one guy getting ran over.

3 Tape Wrap Up Prank
Rated: G | 20 comments

Video of a guy who sneaks up on his friend and wraps his head up with tape.

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