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You want toilet humor…poop jokes, pee cartoons, other bathroom humor? FlowGo's got it and a lot of it! Choose from hundreds of toilet jokes, cartoons, and videos to make your friends pee in their pants with laughter!
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132 Go Away Little Turd
Rated: PG | 232 comments

This is a hilarious song about a dog and his turd. All this little turd wants is to be loved, but the poor little guy is just too stinky!

32 Poop Happens!
Rated: PG-13 | 71 comments

Poop, there it is!

560 These Buns Were Made For Wipin'!
Rated: G | 710 comments

Nancy Sinatra's boots were made for walkin', but this little baby's buns were made for wipin'. She made a mess in her diaper, so mommy, don't leave her in her poo! "Are you ready, Mom? Start Wipin'!"

24 Beastie Bowel Boy!
Rated: PG | 41 comments

You gotta fight for your right to potty!

123 Everybody FART Now!!
Rated: PG | 176 comments

This dance is an absolute gas!

27 Sit Down On It!!
Rated: PG | 48 comments

When you gotta do what you gotta do, just drop your pants and sit down on it!

106 Professor Fartsmore!!!
Rated: PG | 176 comments

Professor fartsmore gives us a lesson in fartology 101!

6 God Save The Fart
Rated: PG | 11 comments

Proof that everyone does it!

27 Lonely Turd
Rated: PG | 52 comments

A song sung by a lonely turd floating around in the toilet bowl. He's cold, wet and so alone -- come and hear his sad story.

6 Frowsy Business Fart
Rated: PG | 6 comments

Apparently helium is not the only gas that is lighter than air.

35 Fart Symphony!
Rated: G | 49 comments

A funny symphony in the tune of farts!

263 I've Got the Runs!
Rated: PG | 514 comments

A super silly song about a crazy hampster having the runs!

156 Lil' Pooey Poo: I will run from you!
Rated: PG | 235 comments

Poop, poop and more poop! This parody of The Police song "Every breath you take" is about what lil' Pooey Poo's days are all about. The first in a series of parodies that outline the innocent rivalry between an infant and his older sister.

121 Have You Ever Farted Like THIS?!
Rated: PG-13 | 793 comments

There are so many ways to fart, but have you ever farted like THIS?!

155 Peeing in the Shower
Rated: PG | 387 comments

Peeing in the shower--how is it wrong when it feels so right? It's a morning delight for this long haired, one-toothed redneck. You might think pissing in the stall is gross, but this hillbilly assures you if you try it once, you'll know.

38 Man with the Runs!
Rated: G | 75 comments

He's a man with the runs and he can't find an empty toilet!

40 Say It With Poop
Rated: PG | 97 comments

Didn't have any big news to dump on ya... So here's a little CRAP! Watch as this dancing turd performs the cancan. We dare you not to laugh!

290 Skid Marks Ain't Sexy
Rated: PG-13 | 442 comments

In this song parody, a sweet young housewife sings "Skid marks ain't sexy, they really turn me off." Was it an extra juicy fart that caused these brown stains or is her man pooping in the dark? We may never know, but his tighty whitey underwear have the brown smudgy lines that never fail to nauseate.

12 Dinosaur Gas
Rated: PG | 22 comments

Here's one explanation for why dinosaurs became EX-STINK!

14 Man of Constipation
Rated: PG | 18 comments

He's the man of constipation. You'll need a gasmask if you want to pay this guy a visit!

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