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You want toilet humor…poop jokes, pee cartoons, other bathroom humor? FlowGo's got it and a lot of it! Choose from hundreds of toilet jokes, cartoons, and videos to make your friends pee in their pants with laughter!
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1807 Pootin' Tootin' Luau Louie
Rated: G | 2119 comments

Pootin' Tootin' Luau Louie the smelly Ukulele-playing baby reworks the timeless Don Ho’s classic song “Tiny Bubbles." "Tiny bubbles, in the tub, you can smell them, when they rise up. Tiny bubbles, made an oops! Thought I farted, but I saw a floater, I went poop!" Brown torpedoes, away!

59 Sending You A Peemail
Rated: PG | 206 comments

This is not your ordinary email!

33 Conceal Your Farts
Rated: PG | 123 comments

Some tips on how to mask those nasty farts!

322 Girls Don't Ever Fart?!
Rated: PG | 582 comments

Since girls don't ever fart, the young lady in this song parody has to hold it in while she's on a date, at work, even in a movie theater. But when she's home alone in the bath, she can let it go and pass gas and toot away. Sung to the tune of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper.

92 Lil' Pooey Poo: Stay Away!
Rated: PG | 299 comments

Poop, poop and more poop! Lil' Pooey Poo is back in another parody, much to the disgust of his older sibling. The second of a series of parodies that outline the innocent rivalry between an infant and his older sister.

118 Farting In Bed
Rated: G | 244 comments

This guys got mad gas and farting skills!

32 Infared Fart
Rated: G | 84 comments

Ever wonder what a fart might look like? Take a look at this guys major gas explosion through an infared camera.

144 Gettin' Stinky With It!
Rated: G | 242 comments

In this parody of Will Smith's "Gettin' Jiggy With It" this baby gets STINKY with it! Mom won't be pleased when he does a stinkeroo!

141 Bawdy Baby Talk
Rated: PG-13 | 332 comments

What do babies say when they’re cooing and gurgling to each other? According to the Baby Translator, you might be surprised to hear lots of bawdy baby talk. Nasty newborns apparently love words like boobs, poopie and ass.

102 The Butt Scootin' Doggy
Rated: PG-13 | 135 comments

He's the butt scootin' doggy!

12 Good Friends are like Bad Farts
Rated: PG | 26 comments

Good friends are a lot like bad farts. And here's the reason why...

42 Unreal Optical Illusion
Rated: PG | 123 comments

This optical illusion will blow your mind!

118 And then...I farted
Rated: PG-13 | 235 comments

A hilarious song about a guy who had a bit too much beans and can't control himself around the women he loves!

Rated: PG | 89 comments

This bunny has a little surprise for you!

49 I Caught Ya Fartin'
Rated: PG-13 | 70 comments

Nice try! But you can't sneak those farts out past me!

50 If I Ate Roses!
Rated: PG | 118 comments

"If I Ate Roses" is a song that asks, "Does the butt of a flower eater smell a whole lot sweeter?" Our hero, sick with Montezuma's Revenge, is tired of his smelly Mexican cantina farts and burps, and decides to make everyone happy by eating flowers. He sings, "When you eat roses, your farts smell like perfume. When you eat lilacs, they smell like shampoo." He even gets the added bonus of potpourri poo coming from his ass.

217 My Runaway Poo!
Rated: PG-13 | 318 comments

The unfortunate little tale of the runaway poo!

106 Booger Ballad Bonanza!
Rated: PG | 225 comments

Pick 'em, flick 'em and... LICK 'EM?!?

301 Put the Seat DOWN!
Rated: PG-13 | 520 comments

A parody about the everlasting struggle for men to put the seat back down!

35 WHO cut LOOSE?!
Rated: PG-13 | 47 comments

Who cut the cheese? Who let 'er rip? Who passed gas? All these questions and more are asked in this hilarious "Foot Loose" parody!

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