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Silly jokes, animations, and fun cartoons to make you smile. FlowGo's silly stuff is always free to send to friends. New jokes added daily, to keep you smiling silly all year round.
7 The Furry Flirter
Rated: PG-13 | 10 comments

This is one naughty teddy bear!

28 Tater People
Rated: PG-13 | 28 comments

There is all kinds of tater people out there. Are you one of them?!

20 An All New Kind of Phone Sex!
Rated: PG | 83 comments

Are you ready to check out the latest in porn? It’s an all new kind of hot phone sex--cell phone sex. This clips shows a little missionary position, oral, the reverse cowgirl, the wheelbarrow--even against the wall like Al Pacino and Ellen Barkin in “Sea of Love.” You remember that steamy sex scene.

6 Frowsy Business Fart
Rated: PG | 6 comments

Apparently helium is not the only gas that is lighter than air.

28 The Booger Man
Rated: G | 110 comments

I've dug deep and picked something special for you!

37 Women's Anti-Stress Diet
Rated: G | 45 comments

This is a specially formulated diet designed to help women cope with the stress that builds up during the day.

123 Bush as a Baby
Rated: G | 350 comments

Check out Baby George! We've put together a hilarious collection of George W's baby pictures. Including Halloween George, Potty George, Upset George, and Bathtime George!

154 Nutty Surprize
Rated: PG | 307 comments

This cute little squirrel has a NUTTY surprise for you!

35 Fart Symphony!
Rated: G | 49 comments

A funny symphony in the tune of farts!

132 Moo Your Body, Girl!
Rated: G | 184 comments

An udderly delightful dance featuring the famous cow and frog!

53 Kitty Dance-O-Gram!!
Rated: G | 128 comments

Send your friends a kitty dance-o-gram! A great way to say hello!

263 I've Got the Runs!
Rated: PG | 514 comments

A super silly song about a crazy hampster having the runs!

38 My Mullet
Rated: G | 75 comments

Redneck Roy loves his mullet!

25 You've Just Been Mooned!
Rated: G | 54 comments

Send your friends a virtual moon!

9 Photos of God
Rated: PG | 62 comments

I see God EVERYWHERE! In a grilled cheese sandwich, on my fridge, in movies... You can't believe it!

85 Why God Made Eve
Rated: G | 192 comments

If you ever wondered why God made Eve, wonder no more. Eve was created to help Adam make his doctor appointments, find the remote, even remember to put the trash out. But the main reason God made woman was because he looked at man and knew he could do better.

77 Effects of Dieting!
Rated: G | 192 comments

Is dieting really that good for you?

323 The Poopy Puppy Trio
Rated: PG | 475 comments

The Poopy Puppy Trio, led by Poop Doggy Dog, rap about what they know best: dog crap. As Snoop Dog says, “Fo’ shizzle my nizzle:” These bad K-9s leave their poop on the carpet of the living room floor and it might look like a Hershey’s Kiss, but this doggie doo is definitely not chocolate flavored.

285 Take a Pee Pee!
Rated: PG | 431 comments

Baby knows he should have gone to the bathroom before they left in the car, but now he really has to take a pee pee. Sung to the Eagles' "Take it Easy," this bratty kid makes it clear he needs to whiz like hell so daddy better pull over before he urinates in his car seat.

36 Karaoke Steve
Rated: PG | 48 comments

Karaoke Steve "rikes dis song veddy much" and is going to sing it for you!