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Silly jokes, animations, and fun cartoons to make you smile. FlowGo's silly stuff is always free to send to friends. New jokes added daily, to keep you smiling silly all year round.
113 Opera Kitty!
Rated: G | 235 comments

Opera Kitty is on stage and this tenor can meow with the best of them. After tuxedoed feline sings his way through the music, cats in the audience raise their paws in applause. This pussy is a regular Pavarotti.

3 She's a Big... Sow!
Rated: G | 21 comments

She shakes her bacon and lets it all hang out!

8 Click Click Click -- Are you an Internet ADDICT?!
Rated: G | 63 comments

Click click click! We're all addicted to our computers!

106 Professor Fartsmore!!!
Rated: PG | 176 comments

Professor fartsmore gives us a lesson in fartology 101!

28 Summer Surfing Bunnies!
Rated: G | 23 comments

Every bunny was surfin' USA! Sung to the Beach Boys "Surfin' USA" these bunnies are all decked out and ready to hit the waves at the beach!

9 Mad Cow Test
Rated: G | 20 comments

Here's a simple test to see if your moo moo has mad cow disease.

42 Grandma's Hanging Baskets
Rated: PG | 66 comments

A funny joke about grandma, and her hanging baskets!

10 Cosmic Stripper
Rated: PG | 21 comments

Presenting a special dance just for you that's out of this world!

12 First Kiss Reminisce
Rated: PG-13 | 14 comments

Do you remember your very first kiss?

5 The Senility Prayer
Rated: G | 4 comments

A fun prayer for something that we could all use!

23 The YoYo Sisterhood
Rated: G | 42 comments

Recent studies show that laughter helps improve health. So here's our contribution to your good health for today...

14 New Planets!
Rated: PG-13 | 44 comments

Scientists and astronomers around the globe have discovered new planets!

23 When School Projects Go Bad!
Rated: PG-13 | 25 comments

A class of elementary students wanted to make a planter to take home and wanted to have a plant in it that was easy to take care of, so it was decided to use cactus plants. The cactuses grew nicely, but the children were not allowed to take them home. This photo shows us why...

28 N Is For Nookie!
Rated: PG-13 | 46 comments

The Nookie Monster sings a song about his favorite word - Nookie!

12 Sand In My Panties?!
Rated: PG | 44 comments

What's the worst thing about the beach? It has to be Sand In My Panties!!!!!

10 The YoYo Sisterhood ---> Part 3!
Rated: G | 33 comments

Part three in the YoYo Sisterhood series. Studies have shown that laughter can help to improve your health, so here's our gift to your good health for today!

113 The Rosie O'Donnell Macarena
Rated: G | 245 comments

Everybody loves Rosie O'Donnell! Or do they? Check out the Rosie O'Donnell Macarena!

27 Its Contraceptive Jelly Time!
Rated: PG-13 | 44 comments

Rub it on nice and slow because it's contraceptive jelly time! This catchy tune will be stuck in your head for days!

13 I've Got Cattitude
Rated: G | 24 comments

This kitty diva has some major cattitude!

22 Coffee Is Better Than Men!
Rated: G | 38 comments

This sexy, desperate housewife claims coffee is better than men because she can have as much java as she wants and not feel sleezy. Plus it smells good in the morning and doesn’t take up half of the bed. Everyone knows men stink and husbands are pigs in bed.