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Silly jokes, animations, and fun cartoons to make you smile. FlowGo's silly stuff is always free to send to friends. New jokes added daily, to keep you smiling silly all year round.
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1807 Pootin' Tootin' Luau Louie
Rated: G | 2119 comments

Pootin' Tootin' Luau Louie the smelly Ukulele-playing baby reworks the timeless Don Ho’s classic song “Tiny Bubbles." "Tiny bubbles, in the tub, you can smell them, when they rise up. Tiny bubbles, made an oops! Thought I farted, but I saw a floater, I went poop!" Brown torpedoes, away!

283 What Religion Is Your Bra?
Rated: PG | 589 comments

A funny joke about bra shopping and religion. Do you know the four types of bras? There's the catholic, the salvation army, the presbyterian, and the baptist. The real laugh is finding out what they all mean!

59 Sending You A Peemail
Rated: PG | 206 comments

This is not your ordinary email!

33 Conceal Your Farts
Rated: PG | 123 comments

Some tips on how to mask those nasty farts!

138 The Dangers of Photocopying Your Butt!?
Rated: PG | 239 comments

The dangers of photocopying your butt are harsh. This clip taken from an actual video surveillance camera show a fat guy pulling down his pants and underwear to Xerox his ass. Unfortunately, fatty weighs too much and breaks the office copy machine.

53 Amazing Bird Follows Dog Commands
Rated: G | 98 comments

Watch as this bird does some really amazing tricks! From rolling over, doing a flip, all the way to playing golf and basketball. This little guy will blow you away!

84 Political Kooks of Hazzard!!
Rated: PG-13 | 157 comments

From Texas to Arkansas they've been in trouble with the law since they were born. Bill Clinton and George W Bush star in the Political Kooks of Hazzard!

39 Weenie Man
Rated: PG-13 | 125 comments

Hey baby, how would you like a hot pink weenie?!

15 Dancing With The Iraqis!
Rated: PG | 50 comments

A parody of Dancing With the Stars -- involving the Iraqis!

168 The Wedgie Song
Rated: G | 293 comments

Everyone loves a wedgie!

169 Hot Diggity Dog!!
Rated: PG | 489 comments

A silly toon featuring a crazy dancing weiner

47 Rosy Rodents!
Rated: G | 129 comments

Who says rodents can't be cute? Here's a picture collection of some really rosy rodents!

67 Thank God I'm a Country Mouse!
Rated: G | 101 comments

This little country mouse is lovin' life on the farm!

197 Cat Attack!
Rated: G | 296 comments

Watch out! This frisky feline is ready to pounce!

70 Shake It Bunny!
Rated: G | 116 comments

It's the hip-hop bunny dance!

83 Just Because You Have One...
Rated: PG-13 | 238 comments

Just because you have one... Doesn't mean you have to be one! (An ass that is!)

141 Bawdy Baby Talk
Rated: PG-13 | 332 comments

What do babies say when they’re cooing and gurgling to each other? According to the Baby Translator, you might be surprised to hear lots of bawdy baby talk. Nasty newborns apparently love words like boobs, poopie and ass.

28 The Lost Cat
Rated: G | 66 comments

A big lady's cat is lost - where could he be? As she puts up a poster "Lost Cat - Reward," we see the poor kitty's fate. Little does she know, he's wedged up her fat ass.

170 Don't Pee on Me!
Rated: PG | 387 comments

"Don't Pee on Me!" is a callback to the silent movie era, and all of the dialogue is written instead of spoken aloud. Our young hero realizes he's made a stinky diaper, and his mother lays him down to change it. As soon as she takes off his pamper, the little baby boy pees into the air, shooting mom right in the face.

9 She's Got Good Vibrations!
Rated: PG-13 | 38 comments

A stimulating parody of the song "Good Vibrations!"

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