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Political cartoons and parodies of current and past politicians. With hilarious cartoons featuring the 2008 election candidates including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, these parodies are guaranteed to make you laugh. When FlowGo pokes fun at politics, everyone cracks a smile! Check back often as new cartoons are added daily.
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20 Fahrenheit 2004
Rated: PG-13 | 138 comments

Moore Bush is always good! Check out Michael Moore singing a warning song about George Dubya's presidential campaign while George Dubya fires back singing that Moore is a liar and a phony.

45 Kerry & Edwards Are In Love!
Rated: PG-13 | 97 comments

In this political parody, John Kerry and John Edwards are in love and they're not ashamed to show it! Watch the loving couple's public displays of affection to Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing."

3 Super Bush
Rated: G | 12 comments

It's a bird, it's a plane… no it's Super Bush! Oh no, he did it again. He's ruling the world for four more years.

5 Urgent Memo: Sheets & Towels
Rated: PG | 10 comments

An urgent memo to all anti-terrorists: "Towel Heads" is not an politically correct term for the sheet laden foes. From now on we must say "Little Sheet Heads." Glad we got that straightened out!

8 Winter there it is
Rated: G | 11 comments

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2 Presidential Ghost Advice
Rated: G | 1 comments

George W. Bush gets advice from the ghosts of past presidents. Thomas Jefferson, FDR and Abraham Lincoln all pay him a visit and advise him to follow in their noble ways. All except Abe of course, he has the best advice of all.

1 Condoleezza  S.O.S.
Rated: G | 0 comments

The Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, gets serenaded by George W. Maybe he's lonely, or maybe he's preparing her to replace Dick Cheney, but either way it's all hearts and love from the President!

  Powell's Paradise
Rated: G | 0 comments

Colin Powell is on vacation whether he deserves it or not. Powell's Paradise looks like a little piece of heaven, how do we get an invitation there?

6 Bye Bye Friends!
Rated: G | 4 comments

Bye bye boys, it's all about Condoleezza Rice now. President Bush says goodbye to all his cabinet members. Goodbye Collin Powell, goodbye John Ashcroft and hello Condy Lee. It's a musical farewell.

14 Kerry Baby
Rated: PG-13 | 19 comments

Bush wins and Kerry cries. George Bush, Dick Cheney and John Edwards perform a musical extravaganza.

9 Kerry's Bedroom?
Rated: PG-13 | 25 comments

Crying from John Kerry's bedroom? Yes, that's right. But hugs make everything better, and John Edwards is making his buddy Kerry feel a lot better with a cuddle.

12 Message from the President!
Rated: G | 14 comments

After winning the 2004 presidential election, the newly re-elected President George Bush sings about being the Weener. And in this cartoon, he’s dressed as a hot dog.

2 The George W. Victory Dance
Rated: G | 4 comments

It's the George W. victory dance with his pals Colin Powell and Dick Cheney. They've got their patriotic outfits on and they're shaking they're tails in celebration.

1 Kerry won Ohio?!
Rated: G | 6 comments

For a hopeful moment it actually appeared as though Kerry won Ohio! Could it be? Sadly, it was just a political prank. This political joke is so not funny!

7 Bush is the Champion!
Rated: PG | 13 comments

George Bush and his cabinet sing to John Kerry and John Edwards that they are the champions. They're still in charge and the Johns have met defeat. Bush rubs his victory in the losers' faces.

5 Florida Voting Machine!
Rated: G | 5 comments

This political cartoon says it all without even having to say anything! It's the Florida voting machine and when asked to pick your favorite presidential candidate it only let's you choose George Bush! Hmmm, that sounds familiar.

4 John Kerry's Maniac Flash Dance
Rated: G | 13 comments

John Kerry's Maniac Flash Dance! He's dancing to the danger zone. He's a democrat, he's a democrat and he's dancing like he's never danced before! Who knew Kerry could look so good in tights?!

15 VOTE Busters!
Rated: PG | 19 comments

If there's a tie for president, who are you going to call? Vote busters! Monica gets slimed by former President Clinton, and George Dubya gets attacked by Jimmy Carter or wait, was it Colonel Sanders? No one's losing a vote here.

10 Make Bush Dance 4 Your Vote!
Rated: G | 13 comments

We’re spreading smiles every minute with FlowGo’s cute cartoons and funny videos. Adorable babies, silly songs, virtual flowers, jokes, inspirational quotes and much more from your friends at FlowGo, the happy site!

3 Political Halloween Costumes
Rated: G | 7 comments

Here are some great political costume ideas for Halloween!

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