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510 Ass Or Elbow?!
Rated: PG-13 | 1129 comments

Ass or Elbow? This game asks you if the picture you are seeing is an ass or an elbow. You'd be surprised by how much they can look alike. Each time you guess, it lets you know if you are correct or wrong, and even tallies your score. Do YOU know your ass from your elbow?

68 A Lesson To All Husbands
Rated: PG | 98 comments

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126 Only When He's Drunk
Rated: PG | 256 comments

A silly joke about a man and his wife getting pulled over by the cops.

106 Booger Ballad Bonanza!
Rated: PG | 225 comments

Pick 'em, flick 'em and... LICK 'EM?!?

44 Bug In An Elevator!!
Rated: G | 66 comments

Aerosmith -- bug style! It's a bug in an elevator! Buggin' ya up while we're going down!

29 Screwed By Lawyers
Rated: PG | 17 comments

A joke about an old man who makes a trip to a brothel.

113 Uses For Vaseline
Rated: PG-13 | 213 comments

A funny joke about vaseline!

35 WHO cut LOOSE?!
Rated: PG-13 | 47 comments

Who cut the cheese? Who let 'er rip? Who passed gas? All these questions and more are asked in this hilarious "Foot Loose" parody!

30 Don't Make Me Liver!
Rated: G | 37 comments

n this parody of Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me A River," a little boy begs and pleads that Mom won't make him eat liver!

193 Girl with the Big Rack
Rated: PG | 313 comments

Using the classic tune "Leader of the Pack" by the Shangri-Las, this song shows that girls with big tits get noticed by all the men, even if the boobs are just silicone. "They act like she's the only woman here, the guys all swarm her when she is near. She's the chick with the big rack!"

31 A very nice ass!!
Rated: PG-13 | 62 comments

How would you like to see a really nice ass?

132 Go Away Little Turd
Rated: PG | 232 comments

This is a hilarious song about a dog and his turd. All this little turd wants is to be loved, but the poor little guy is just too stinky!

17 I'm Gettin' Some!
Rated: PG-13 | 41 comments

Oh baby, I'm gettin' some! A silly little dance animation.

28 Are You a Morning Person?
Rated: PG | 32 comments

You might not be a morning person if...

206 The Ants in your Pants Dance!
Rated: PG | 331 comments

BUG your friends with the ants in your pants dance!

22 Tater Love!
Rated: G | 78 comments

There's just no love like tater love!

35 The Friday Song - Tiki Island!
Rated: G | 61 comments

It's Friday! Let's celebrate Tiki style!

28 Purrr-fectly Precious!
Rated: G | 22 comments

Some quotes for the cat lover in you!

32 Poop Happens!
Rated: PG-13 | 71 comments

Poop, there it is!

49 Boyfriend 5.0 Upgrade
Rated: G | 102 comments

If you’re a desperate new wife and have the Boyfriend 5.0 Upgrade, tech support is now available with a just few touches of the keys on your computer. Husband 1.0 is going to have a lot of operating system bugs and glitches, but this help desk will aid newlyweds get through the transition.