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156 Kitty Rodeo Yeeehaaaw!
Rated: G | 104 comments

Rolling rolling rolling, keep them kitties rolling - MEOW! You'd better hold on tight at the Kitty Rodeo. Yeeehaaawww!

106 Butt Scootin' Boogie Kitty!
Rated: G | 110 comments

The butt scootin’ boogie kitty is loaded with farts and he’s just too lazy to make the trip to his litter box. So what does he do? He passes gas and wipes his ass while two little Brooks & Dunn dolls look on. But where’s Billy Ray Cyrus and his mullet?

46 Bigger IS Better!
Rated: PG-13 | 94 comments

Bigger is better, that's the American way! Make it bigger -- that's what I always say!

Rated: PG | 89 comments

This bunny has a little surprise for you!

76 Booby Booby Boo
Rated: PG-13 | 160 comments

Booby Booby Boo, where are you? I really want a chest now. This Scooby Doo parody is a plea from all those flat-chested girls who wish they had a giant rack of boobies to even out their fat butt instead of the tiny mosquito bite tits they have now.

170 Don't Pee on Me!
Rated: PG | 387 comments

"Don't Pee on Me!" is a callback to the silent movie era, and all of the dialogue is written instead of spoken aloud. Our young hero realizes he's made a stinky diaper, and his mother lays him down to change it. As soon as she takes off his pamper, the little baby boy pees into the air, shooting mom right in the face.

10 A Lesson On Pornography!
Rated: PG-13 | 27 comments

Kids, today we'll be learning about Pornography!

123 Pets Are Everywhere, Man!
Rated: G | 134 comments

A silly song about a man and his pets. All kinds of them, everywhere!

9 She's Got Good Vibrations!
Rated: PG-13 | 38 comments

A stimulating parody of the song "Good Vibrations!"

249 How Blonde Are You? Quiz
Rated: G | 638 comments

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362 The Maze Craze!!
Rated: G | 616 comments

It’s the craze maze and it’s going to waste hours of your day at the office. It’s easy: Just guide your cursor through the maze without touching the walls and wait for a big surprise at the end. Warning: Watch out for the flying hamsters of death!

28 Someone Sent You The Finger!??
Rated: PG | 95 comments

Send your friends the finger!!

49 I Caught Ya Fartin'
Rated: PG-13 | 70 comments

Nice try! But you can't sneak those farts out past me!

10 Conception Impossible
Rated: PG | 19 comments

Scret Agent Sperm star in: Conception Impossible!

16 You Drive Me Hog Wild!
Rated: G | 13 comments

You Drive Me Hog Wild, Baby!

50 If I Ate Roses!
Rated: PG | 118 comments

"If I Ate Roses" is a song that asks, "Does the butt of a flower eater smell a whole lot sweeter?" Our hero, sick with Montezuma's Revenge, is tired of his smelly Mexican cantina farts and burps, and decides to make everyone happy by eating flowers. He sings, "When you eat roses, your farts smell like perfume. When you eat lilacs, they smell like shampoo." He even gets the added bonus of potpourri poo coming from his ass.

36 TOOTY Fruity Cherry BOMB!
Rated: G | 87 comments

If your booty feels fruity, come on and tooty!

25 The Monday Blues
Rated: G | 40 comments

I've got the Monday blues!

8 Go Hog Wild this Weekend!
Rated: G | 28 comments

The weekend is finally here! It's time to GO HOG WILD!!!

24 Squirrel in my Hood!
Rated: G | 37 comments

Can squirrels and bears live amongst each other??