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186 Droopy Boobs?!!
Rated: PG-13 | 347 comments

Big, boomy breasts are the stars of this parody as one tit sings to the other. "Droopy boobs, droopy boobs, gravity grabbed on too soon, we could use a little lifting up," she says. What happened? We used to be perky and bouncing, but "if we don't get some support real soon, folks will think we're nuts."

10 The YoYo Sisterhood ---> Part 3!
Rated: G | 33 comments

Part three in the YoYo Sisterhood series. Studies have shown that laughter can help to improve your health, so here's our gift to your good health for today!

76 HUGS!
Rated: G | 299 comments

Hugs! All I really want are hugs. In the morning I like hugs. And in the evening I like hugs. So let me say, hugs were meant to give away. A hug means more than words can say. Give me one hug, you'll make my day. Hugging the Beastie Boys won't make you gay.

298 The Amazing Color Test!!
Rated: G | 725 comments

We’re spreading smiles every minute with FlowGo’s cute cartoons and funny videos. Adorable babies, silly songs, virtual flowers, jokes, inspirational quotes and much more from your friends at FlowGo, the happy site!

8 I Was Thinking of You!
Rated: G | 13 comments

Let someone know that you're thinking of them!

41 Gettin' PIGGY With It!
Rated: G | 69 comments

This pig jig will put a smile on your face!

12 Carpet Munchin'!!!?
Rated: PG-13 | 16 comments

Do the carpet munchin' dance!

13 T.G.I.F - Have a Purrr-fect Weekend!
Rated: G | 14 comments

Thank God It's Friday!!! Take a little cat nap, and have a purr-fect weekend!

26 Thinking of You Today
Rated: G | 44 comments

Let someone special know you're thinking of them today.

70 You're Supposed to be Working!!!
Rated: G | 196 comments

What are you doing looking at this? You should be working!!

154 Nutty Surprize
Rated: PG | 307 comments

This cute little squirrel has a NUTTY surprise for you!

132 Moo Your Body, Girl!
Rated: G | 184 comments

An udderly delightful dance featuring the famous cow and frog!

23 Hey, Are You There??
Rated: G | 52 comments

Hello?! Just wanted to see if you were around!

48 Martian Baby Miss You
Rated: G | 70 comments

A hello from out of this world!

22 The Friday Rose Poem
Rated: G | 45 comments

Thank God it's Friday! Send someone a Friday rose to celebrate!

9 Photos of God
Rated: PG | 62 comments

I see God EVERYWHERE! In a grilled cheese sandwich, on my fridge, in movies... You can't believe it!

236 I'm Just Checking!
Rated: G | 448 comments

"I just thought I'd look in on you to see if you were at your computer….Yep! You are! Have a nice day!""I'm Just Checking!" features a freakish looking baby troll who pops his head up, full screen.

43 Friends Forever!
Rated: G | 41 comments

A wonderful message of friendship accompanied by an adorable photo of two baby monkeys.

50 What Is a True Friend
Rated: G | 56 comments

Here are some of the things that it takes to make a true friend.

183 But the FAT came BACK!
Rated: G | 262 comments

“When we get older, we start getting heavy,” this fat cat with the banjo sings. “One day we find we weigh as much as your average Chevy.” This chubby kitty says that no matter how much you diet and exercise, the fat comes back the very next day.