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Funny animated dances to make you laugh out loud! Dancing babies and rappin grannies, hip hop kittens and weekend whoo hoos, and much more! Free animations to send to your friends.
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41 Outer Space Baby Dance
Rated: G | 82 comments

"Baby, you're out of this world!" In the "Outer Space Baby Dance," we see an infant alien, complete with diaper and antennae, zapped down to Earth from her spaceship. She dances, shimmies, and shakes her ass before returning to her home planet via UFO once more.

33 You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
Rated: G | 76 comments

Tell your friends how you feel about them with a special song!

155 Fanta Babies!
Rated: G | 217 comments

The fanta babies need their diapers changed!

146 Our Tummies Roll! (Aww!)
Rated: G | 205 comments

These poor kitties are hungry and want up on that table so bad! They'll even sing you a song for some food!

675 Don't  Cha Twerkin' Granny!
Rated: PG-13 | 953 comments

Groovin' Granny returns with another version of "Don't Cha" by the Pussycat Dolls. This time grandma has two friends backing her up. Granny sings, "Don't you wish your granny was sweet like me? Don't you wish your granny had no teeth like me?" Once again she's swinging her tits around, but this time granny found her a grandpa homeboy.

76 HUGS!
Rated: G | 299 comments

Hugs! All I really want are hugs. In the morning I like hugs. And in the evening I like hugs. So let me say, hugs were meant to give away. A hug means more than words can say. Give me one hug, you'll make my day. Hugging the Beastie Boys won't make you gay.

345 Do Your Thing! Baby Christina 3
Rated: PG | 347 comments

Baby Christina is back and sings a tribute to her mom!

113 The Rosie O'Donnell Macarena
Rated: G | 245 comments

Everybody loves Rosie O'Donnell! Or do they? Check out the Rosie O'Donnell Macarena!

28 The Booger Man
Rated: G | 110 comments

I've dug deep and picked something special for you!

70 You're Supposed to be Working!!!
Rated: G | 196 comments

What are you doing looking at this? You should be working!!

53 Kitty Dance-O-Gram!!
Rated: G | 128 comments

Send your friends a kitty dance-o-gram! A great way to say hello!

263 I've Got the Runs!
Rated: PG | 514 comments

A super silly song about a crazy hampster having the runs!

664 Groovin' Granny's Swingin' Boobies!
Rated: PG | 949 comments

Groovin' Granny is back, shaking her saggy tits once again. Do your boobs hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? These are a few of the lyrics grandma sings to the classic song of "Do Your Ears Hang Low?" Unfortunately, granny gets too wild and her floppy jugs smack her in the face, breaking her old lady glasses.

690 Heya Grandma!
Rated: PG | 1057 comments

Outkast’s sexy “Hey Ya!” gets a rewrite as "Hey Grandma" and this hot pants-wearing granny accompanies grandpa’s tune by shaking it like a Polaroid picture--“it” most likely being her replaced hip and her saggy old lady boobs.

45 Bust a MOO!
Rated: PG | 89 comments

MC Bovine wants you to bust a moo! This here's a jam for all the heifers, so much beef gonna make ya jealous!

617 Heeey Maaaa!
Rated: G | 902 comments

Hey Ma! Your kid is trying on your clothes, and drawing on the wall like Michelangelo. He even put kitty in the toilet and turned him blue! Sung to Outkast's "Hey Ya" this song shows how one baby can cause a lot of trouble once he starts walking.

147 Constipation Time
Rated: G | 191 comments

There's no potty goin' on in here. I'm constipated, just fartin' from my rear! Constipated poo come out!

20 Let's Bounce!!
Rated: G | 31 comments

Get off your butt and bounce!

196 Caffeine Dance
Rated: G | 389 comments

Put a little pep in your step with the crazy caffeine dance!

783 The Milkshake Song!
Rated: PG-13 | 1044 comments

The Milkshake Song features a very fat cow with a hot pink udder singing a version of the song Kellis made famous. But instead of the boys, this cow's milkshake brings all the bulls to the yard. This parody is udderly cute.

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