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21 Mickey D's Super Size Me
Rated: G | 33 comments

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13 I've Got Cattitude
Rated: G | 24 comments

This kitty diva has some major cattitude!

17 A Woman's Prayer!
Rated: PG | 18 comments

Here are all the things a woman could want. A funny prayer in song form!

38 PMS Woman!
Rated: PG-13 | 70 comments

You'd better watch what you say around the PMS Woman!

12 Carpet Munchin'!!!?
Rated: PG-13 | 16 comments

Do the carpet munchin' dance!

22 Coffee Is Better Than Men!
Rated: G | 38 comments

This sexy, desperate housewife claims coffee is better than men because she can have as much java as she wants and not feel sleezy. Plus it smells good in the morning and doesn’t take up half of the bed. Everyone knows men stink and husbands are pigs in bed.

28 Tater People
Rated: PG-13 | 28 comments

There is all kinds of tater people out there. Are you one of them?!

6 K-Fed's Children Fill the World!
Rated: PG | 49 comments

In this "We Are the World" parody, the poor children are worried about how Kevin Federline keeps impregnating girls!

15 The Spam Song!
Rated: PG | 123 comments

Spam email is out of control and can't be stopped!

9 Prez Bush and Lady Oil
Rated: PG | 15 comments

A satirical political parody about President Bush's love for Lady Oil!

9 Never Milk a Dinosaur
Rated: G | 22 comments

Never ever ever milk a dinosaur!

90 Hilarious Tapdancing Kittens!
Rated: G | 153 comments

The Kitty Cat Theater Presends: The Tapdancing Cats! These cute kitty cats will amaze you with their dancing skills. We know it's silly, but it will make you smile :)

22 The Caffeine HI!
Rated: G | 29 comments

Perk up and start your morning on a caffeine hi!

49 The Story of the Temptress!
Rated: PG-13 | 75 comments

A funny story of a soon to be married man who is tempted by another woman.

294 The Geezer Pleaser
Rated: PG | 384 comments

Come on, Viagra! Won't stop 'till I get it up! Granny is in for the night of her life thanks to that little blue pill!

158 A Little Hump Day Fun
Rated: PG-13 | 406 comments

We're half way through the week, and granny wants you to have a little fun!

27 Lonely Turd
Rated: PG | 52 comments

A song sung by a lonely turd floating around in the toilet bowl. He's cold, wet and so alone -- come and hear his sad story.

34 The BEST Hangover Story
Rated: PG-13 | 42 comments

Imagine waking up after a night on the town and your wife actually makes you feel better! What could have happened last night?

100 Blubber Butt Bertha Hugs
Rated: PG | 213 comments

I’m fat, I’m old and I’m ugly. No one wants to hug me, so says Blubber Butt Bertha. But who would want to give hugs to this fat old lady anyway? Her butt is flabby, her boobs are droopy and she looks tired and beat. Gross!

6 Frowsy Business Fart
Rated: PG | 6 comments

Apparently helium is not the only gas that is lighter than air.