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28 Purrr-fectly Precious!
Rated: G | 22 comments

Some quotes for the cat lover in you!

32 Poop Happens!
Rated: PG-13 | 71 comments

Poop, there it is!

49 Boyfriend 5.0 Upgrade
Rated: G | 102 comments

If you’re a desperate new wife and have the Boyfriend 5.0 Upgrade, tech support is now available with a just few touches of the keys on your computer. Husband 1.0 is going to have a lot of operating system bugs and glitches, but this help desk will aid newlyweds get through the transition.

49 Cowboy Baby!
Rated: G | 70 comments

Ride 'em baby!

560 These Buns Were Made For Wipin'!
Rated: G | 710 comments

Nancy Sinatra's boots were made for walkin', but this little baby's buns were made for wipin'. She made a mess in her diaper, so mommy, don't leave her in her poo! "Are you ready, Mom? Start Wipin'!"

159 Perfection Infection Ride
Rated: PG-13 | 254 comments

A parody that makes fun of the ridiculous standards people put on their looks.

23 Tot Trek!
Rated: G | 26 comments

Star Trek -- baby style! Childhood... The final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Diaper. Boldly go where no baby has gone before!

113 Opera Kitty!
Rated: G | 235 comments

Opera Kitty is on stage and this tenor can meow with the best of them. After tuxedoed feline sings his way through the music, cats in the audience raise their paws in applause. This pussy is a regular Pavarotti.

24 Beastie Bowel Boy!
Rated: PG | 41 comments

You gotta fight for your right to potty!

45 Bicurious George?
Rated: PG-13 | 58 comments

It's Bicurious George, the sexually uncertain monkey. He likes to swing, but doesn't know which way!

123 Everybody FART Now!!
Rated: PG | 176 comments

This dance is an absolute gas!

45 Chocolate Fantasy
Rated: G | 56 comments

It's a chocolate fantasy baby! When I close my eyes, my dreams are soooo tasty! This Mariah Carey parody will make you run out the door to grab some sweets!

41 Everyone loves a WINKY!?
Rated: PG-13 | 78 comments

They're big and small, they're short and tall, they'll grow right before your eyes! Everyone loves a winky!

10 Wang Hang Low
Rated: PG | 17 comments

Do you wang hang low? Do it wobble to and fro'? Do it swing left and right? Do it flop down to the flo'? Do your wang hang low?

27 Sit Down On It!!
Rated: PG | 48 comments

When you gotta do what you gotta do, just drop your pants and sit down on it!

22 Hey Now, Brown Cow!
Rated: G | 34 comments

Wishing you an udderly nice day!

3 She's a Big... Sow!
Rated: G | 21 comments

She shakes her bacon and lets it all hang out!

5 Bodacious Boob Ballad
Rated: PG-13 | 86 comments

A baby sings a little song for his mommy's boobies!

29 Hillary, George, and Obama: The Musical!
Rated: PG-13 | 69 comments

It's a political ho-down with George W, Obama, Bill, Hillary, Edwards, McCain, Al, and all your other favorite potential presidents!

8 Click Click Click -- Are you an Internet ADDICT?!
Rated: G | 63 comments

Click click click! We're all addicted to our computers!