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156 Kitty Rodeo Yeeehaaaw!
Rated: G | 104 comments

Rolling rolling rolling, keep them kitties rolling - MEOW! You'd better hold on tight at the Kitty Rodeo. Yeeehaaawww!

49 I Caught Ya Fartin'
Rated: PG-13 | 70 comments

Nice try! But you can't sneak those farts out past me!

10 Conception Impossible
Rated: PG | 19 comments

Scret Agent Sperm star in: Conception Impossible!

16 You Drive Me Hog Wild!
Rated: G | 13 comments

You Drive Me Hog Wild, Baby!

50 If I Ate Roses!
Rated: PG | 118 comments

"If I Ate Roses" is a song that asks, "Does the butt of a flower eater smell a whole lot sweeter?" Our hero, sick with Montezuma's Revenge, is tired of his smelly Mexican cantina farts and burps, and decides to make everyone happy by eating flowers. He sings, "When you eat roses, your farts smell like perfume. When you eat lilacs, they smell like shampoo." He even gets the added bonus of potpourri poo coming from his ass.

4 Actual Newspaper Headlines
Rated: G | 13 comments

These are actual newspaper headlines from around the world, just like you might have seen on Jay Leno!

36 TOOTY Fruity Cherry BOMB!
Rated: G | 87 comments

If your booty feels fruity, come on and tooty!

25 The Monday Blues
Rated: G | 40 comments

I've got the Monday blues!

426 No! NO!! Baby Usher!
Rated: G | 588 comments

The baby version of Usher's song "Yeah".

24 Squirrel in my Hood!
Rated: G | 37 comments

Can squirrels and bears live amongst each other??

106 Butt Scootin' Boogie Kitty!
Rated: G | 110 comments

The butt scootin’ boogie kitty is loaded with farts and he’s just too lazy to make the trip to his litter box. So what does he do? He passes gas and wipes his ass while two little Brooks & Dunn dolls look on. But where’s Billy Ray Cyrus and his mullet?

66 Burps so Good!!
Rated: G | 194 comments

Burps so good, come on Mommy, make me burp so good. John Mellencamp has nothing on Baby as he leans over the shoulder of mom and passes gas and belches like only mommie’s little monster can. Let’s hope this gassy, fart-filled baby just burps and doesn’t barf all over that new sweater.

417 Momma Mia!
Rated: G | 590 comments

Momma Mia! It's time for baby to be potty trained and he's not ready. Sung to Abba's "Mamma Mia" this toddler is wishing he can stay in his diaper. "Mamma Mia, here I go again, my my, I could not resist it. Mama Mia, on the floor again, my my, I could not desist it." The infant is trying though, "Next time I get the urges, I'll tell you before it surges."

217 My Runaway Poo!
Rated: PG-13 | 318 comments

The unfortunate little tale of the runaway poo!

558 Warm Bottle by Baby Christina
Rated: G | 737 comments

Baby Christina wants a warm bottle! Hers fell out of her crib and onto the floor. My stomach's saying let's go, but my bottle's on the flo', cries the litte girl. Sung to Christina Aguilera's "Genie in a Bottle," the infant lets you know that if she doesn't get her way, she's going to scream and fight all night.

59 Rev. Billy Bob's Rodent Revival
Rated: G | 54 comments

Rev. Billy Bob revives his squirrel community!

36 Adam Talks to God About Eve
Rated: PG | 53 comments

After spending some time with Eve, Adam stopped in the garden of eden to talk with God...

38 You've Got A Friend In Me
Rated: G | 37 comments

A cute song of friendship.

164 Baby Baby Dance
Rated: G | 236 comments

Remember that creepy dancing baby on Ally McBeal? The one that looked a little too real to be cute? Well here’s the all new version. This little cartoon is totally cool and he loves to shake his diapered butt to Salt-n-Pepa’s “Push It.” This newborn knows how to kick out the jams.

36 A Wife's Three Wishes
Rated: G | 84 comments

A woman stumbles upon a genie who gives here three wishes. But for every wish she makes, her husband will get ten times what she gets.