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38 Crouching Tiger - Hidden Rabbit
Rated: PG | 38 comments

Every bunny was Kung Fu fighting!

26 Thinking of You Today
Rated: G | 44 comments

Let someone special know you're thinking of them today.

28 The Booger Man
Rated: G | 110 comments

I've dug deep and picked something special for you!

123 10 Things Men Would Never Say
Rated: G | 274 comments

Here are 10 things that you would never hear a man say!

143 He Bit Me!
Rated: G | 226 comments

A funny toon about a naughty kitty cat!

21 Sound Of Silence But Deadly
Rated: PG | 32 comments

When you’re in church with a stomach full of gas, it can only mean one thing, lots of gas. In this twist on “The Sounds of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel, the sound of silent but deadly toots can be deadly. Remember, if you fart in church, you sit in your own pew.

70 You're Supposed to be Working!!!
Rated: G | 196 comments

What are you doing looking at this? You should be working!!

123 Bush as a Baby
Rated: G | 350 comments

Check out Baby George! We've put together a hilarious collection of George W's baby pictures. Including Halloween George, Potty George, Upset George, and Bathtime George!

154 Nutty Surprize
Rated: PG | 307 comments

This cute little squirrel has a NUTTY surprise for you!

14 Why Are You Waiting?!
Rated: G | 22 comments

A fun way to tell someone to get in touch with you.

35 Fart Symphony!
Rated: G | 49 comments

A funny symphony in the tune of farts!

35 Ewe Are So Booty Full!
Rated: PG-13 | 45 comments

A redneck love song!

132 Moo Your Body, Girl!
Rated: G | 184 comments

An udderly delightful dance featuring the famous cow and frog!

53 Kitty Dance-O-Gram!!
Rated: G | 128 comments

Send your friends a kitty dance-o-gram! A great way to say hello!

263 I've Got the Runs!
Rated: PG | 514 comments

A super silly song about a crazy hampster having the runs!

23 Hey, Are You There??
Rated: G | 52 comments

Hello?! Just wanted to see if you were around!

9 What's Shakin'?
Rated: PG-13 | 11 comments

Just wanted to see what's shakin!

378 Social Security: The Musical!!!
Rated: PG | 345 comments

“Social Security: The Musical” throws just about every pop culture reference into this clip about the impending doom of the Social Security deficit. They want to privatize the social security pot and that means old people like Groovin’ Granny will have to work until they die. Celebs like Jay Leno, the American Idol judges, Snoop Dogg, Donald Trump, the Clintons, and the 2008 presidential hopefuls weigh in on the problem.

25 You've Just Been Mooned!
Rated: G | 54 comments

Send your friends a virtual moon!

2499 Baby Maybelline
Rated: G | 2938 comments

Mommy caught naughty Baby Mabelline red-handed going through her make up drawer. The kid got powder, eye shadow, and lipstick all over her face. Sitting on the floor in her mess, singing her sad song, the brat wonders how mom’s going to punish her this time.