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For animal lovers! Cute kitty animations, silly puppy songs, and adorable animals to make you smile. Hundreds of funny animal pics on FlowGo. Always free e-cards to send to friends!
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50 Dog and Owner on Treadmill
Rated: G | 145 comments

Scottish Terrier runs along with his master and keeps up.

59 Sending You A Peemail
Rated: PG | 206 comments

This is not your ordinary email!

204 Boozin' Kitty Cats!
Rated: PG | 246 comments

These rock and roll boozin’ kitty cats drink more than Slash and rocker Tommy Lee combined. Just read these lyrics: “I love the flavor of tequila. ‘Cause she looks better after every shot--so hot!" You’ve never seen a cat shred on a guitar or bash the drums better then this band of hard rocking felines.

223 One of the Cutest Dogs You'll Ever See!
Rated: G | 301 comments

It’s Stella the Dog and she’s one of the cutest pups you’ll ever see. This black lab can turn, lay down and roll over on command--she knows all the tricks that score those doggy snacks from her master, who loves to give her treat.

42 Silly Penguin Dance
Rated: G | 131 comments

This penguin loves to boogie, and does a hilarious dance for the camera.

57 Crazy Cat
Rated: G | 127 comments

Something spooks this little furball and he goes flying into a wall.

51 Hungry Kitty Won't Let Go
Rated: G | 107 comments

This cute kitten has a death grip on his toy and refuses to let go.

53 Amazing Bird Follows Dog Commands
Rated: G | 98 comments

Watch as this bird does some really amazing tricks! From rolling over, doing a flip, all the way to playing golf and basketball. This little guy will blow you away!

32 Comatose Cat
Rated: G | 87 comments

A cute video that will make you giggle. This silly cat looks like it's in a coma!

160 Warning...Mad Cow!
Rated: PG-13 | 233 comments

This cows a heifer. She's oh so fine. I'll kiss her sweetly. We have tonight. Tommorrow will be too late. Because she will be on. My dinner plate!

75 The Cat Letter
Rated: PG-13 | 109 comments

A funny letter sent from the cat to his friend the dog.

199 Emo Emu!
Rated: PG | 392 comments

The emo-emo is a sad, sad emu!

47 Rosy Rodents!
Rated: G | 129 comments

Who says rodents can't be cute? Here's a picture collection of some really rosy rodents!

31 The World's Tiniest Dog
Rated: PG | 75 comments

He may be tiny but it's not the size of the hammer that counts... It's how you pound it!

197 Cat Attack!
Rated: G | 296 comments

Watch out! This frisky feline is ready to pounce!

70 Shake It Bunny!
Rated: G | 116 comments

It's the hip-hop bunny dance!

72 Cats vs Dogs!!
Rated: PG | 176 comments

Which is better? Cats or dogs?!

109 The Happiest Squirrel!
Rated: G | 151 comments

This here is the happiest squirrel in the whole USA! Skippedee-dooda day!

102 The Butt Scootin' Doggy
Rated: PG-13 | 135 comments

He's the butt scootin' doggy!

53 Just Thinking...
Rated: G | 101 comments

A cute way to let someone know that you are thinking of them!

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